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2010 Movie Leak!

Ok Watchers, I've got something juicy for you <3 There was a leak of Movie information, though the dates aren't set exactly~ I believe that maybe these titles will be out either in November, or December. Although it's still unsure, they movies ARE said to be coming out this year. Like I've announced, only two titles are being set back and will be released in 2011. Director Dominic Sena stars Nicholas Cage and Ron Perlman in 'Season of the Witch.' It's trailer showed promise, but Cage's acting was a little lazy.. Cage stars as a medieval knight of Behmen who had agreed to transport a devious witch to an abbey where her powers can be destroyed.. At least it's got that old school Hammer Horror vibe~ Next movie is From Director Darren Lynn Bousman; called Mother's Day. Remake of the 1980 Troma ‘cult classic’, Mother’s Day sees a sadist family return to their childhood home to terrorize the new home owners and their guests/ it's weird because I've never heard of the movie before.. Finally the last of 2010's upcoming horror flicks has without doubt the strangest plot of the year – A woman and her autistic brother fight for survival against a tiger in their house, while a hurricane stops them from going outside.. It sounds like a cheesy version of Jumanji, but the movie is called Ravenous.. Carlos Brooks what were you thinking? Anyway, thats about it for updates.

Happy Scares >:]


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